Eco>Absorb has a wide variety of uses in a host of different business and residential settings.

Many Uses for Eco>Absorb

Eco>Absorb has a wide variety of uses in a host of different business and residential settings. Any time something needs to be absorbed efficiently and effectively Eco>Absorb is your answer. Our customers are always finding new ways to use Eco>Absorb, but here are some of the most common uses:

+ In-Store Spill Management

National retailers have turned to Eco>Absorb to help them implement effective spill management within their stores. Absorbents help remove dangerous slip and fall conditions right away and do not require any drying period, like the traditional mop and bucket. Best of all, Eco>Absorb works great on spills like soap, laundry detergent, syrup, alcoholic beverages, juice or spills will broken glass and does not leave floors sticky after cleaning.

+ Restaurant Fats, Oils and Greases

Not only is Eco>Absorb a great way to clean up spills in restaurants but it is part of the fats, oils, and greases best management practices. When fats, oils and greases (FOGs) enter the sewage system they can pollute nearby rivers, lakes, beaches and clog city sewer systems. Most major cities recommend having absorbents on hand to prevent FOGs from entering drains.

+ Automotive Garages

Whether you operate a large commercial repair shop or you are a do-it-at-home mechanic, Eco>Absorb should never be far away. Eco>Absorb can easily absorb new and used motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, diesel fuel, gasoline and our neutralizer can help safely pick up dangerous spills like battery acid. Since Eco>Absorb is so light weight your disposal fees for hazardous materials could be reduced by up to 80% when compared to clay absorbents.

+ Healthcare

Eco>Absorb’s Bio Hazard Kit is a perfect addition to hospitals, school buses, ambulances, first aid kits, in store spill kits or any other location where contact with bodily fluids could occur. Eco>Absorb quickly absorbs bodily fluids and eliminates immediate exposure to health risks. Follow absorption with a standard disinfectant to ensure that the area is free from pathogens.

+ Pet Mess

For pet urine or fecal matter, Eco>Absorb can quickly and easily clean it up and leave no foul odor. Eco>Absorb has been used by several kennels to reduce odor, clean up messes quickly and reduce the amount of water used in hosing down enclosures. Pet urine in carpet can also be cleaned using Eco>Absorb, followed by a quick vacuum of the affected area.

+ Trucking Industry

Eco>Absorb Hazmat Truck Kits set a new standard for effective spill management in the trucking industry. While spills are rare, fines and remediation fees can be incredibly high. Most truck kits just include pads and socks which allow spills to flow around and under their barrier. Each of our truck kits includes Eco>Absorb which can be used in conjunction with pads and socks to create a sealed barrier and reduce the chances of incurring heavy penalties.

+ Residential Use

Many customers have found that Eco>Absorb is great to have around the house. For sticky spills in the kitchen, nothing works better. Fruit juice, beer and syrup, which are difficult to clean and often leave a sticky mess, come right up with Eco>Absorb and require no additional cleaning. Plus you can reduce your water and paper towel consumption by using an effective absorbent. Eco>Absorb is tested to be landfill safe so don’t worry about throwing any non-hazardous material right into the trash.