The goal at Eco-Absorbent Technologies has been to create incredible absorbents that are also environmentally friendly.

Protecting the Environment

+ Green Science

The goal at Eco-Absorbent Technologies has been to create incredible absorbents that are also environmentally friendly. As soon as Eco>Absorb was mixed we knew right away that we had a fantastic absorbent that out preformed anything on the market. But the arduous task of ensuring it was environmentally friendly took years of testing and chemical analysis. Even we were impressed with the results! The green science behind Eco>Absorb is summarized on this page.

Material Safety Data Sheet

+ Toxicity

Eco>Absorb has been tested and proven to be non-toxic to humans and provides a safe alternative to clay based products. Most clay absorbents contain Crystalline Silica which was listed by the World Health Organization as an IARC Group 1 carcinogen; the same category as asbestos. Crystalline Silica is a lung carcinogen and if inhaled can cause silicosis: a debilitating and sometimes fatal disease. OSHA recommends “replacing crystalline silica materials with safer substitutes, whenever possible.”After extensive testing Eco>Absorb was proven to be non-toxic and has since been certified by NSF International for its safety around humans and food. In addition, our proprietary dust free formula ensures that users do not have work with high dust products.

OSHA Fact Sheet

+ Landfill Safe

Eco>Absorb helps reduce landfill waste by providing a low weight highly efficient absorbent material. So for each gallon of fluid absorbed Eco>Absorb uses less material than traditional clay based products. This helps reduce waste, and cut down disposal fees.In addition, Eco>Absorb has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it will not leach its contents back into the environment, even under high heat and pressure. Even simple products like liquid fertilizer or antibacterial soap can pose a significant risk to the environment if they enter the water supply. Eco>Absorb helps keep contaminants in their place.

Lab Test Results

+ Water Wise

Many absorbent manufacturers similar to Eco>Absorb use water to make their product less dusty. The disadvantage is that the water eventually evaporates and the product returns to an extremely dusty state. At Eco-Absorbent Technologies we have discovered how to keep our product permanently dust free without using precious water resources or reducing the products absorbency.

Additionally, companies using Eco>Absorb instead of the traditional mop and bucket save an average of 2.5 gallons of water per spill. When those 2.5 gallons are multiplied across an enterprise it can add up to some serious water conservation. And when you use Eco>Absorb you no longer have to worry about where to dispose of the contaminated water in the mop bucket. Eco>Absorb saves water in manufacturing, through its use, and preserves water resources from contamination.

+ All-Natural

At Eco-Absorbent Technologies we remain dedicated to keeping our product all-natural. Many people hold the idea that natural products, while good for the environment, are less effective. Our customers have discovered that Eco>Absorb can outperform our competition while remaining environmentally friendly and all-natural. Test our green absorbent against anything else on the market and see for yourself.Eco>Absorb was certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute after their independent review of our product and verification that it was made from all natural products and was not environmentally harmful.

+ Applications